Lovebirds is a contemporary label that finds balance between functionality, aesthetics, concept and versatility, by focusing on simplicity, eliminating distraction and attention to quality and craftsmanship.

With an aesthetic of considered simplicity and refined elegance, Lovebirds uses pure and simple lines, focuses strongly on shape and form through clean silhouettes and architecturally inspired geometric details, an attitude of cool with a classical undertone.

The label is made for a modern day woman who leads an active life. The Collections are versatile and pragmatic that transcends occasions, weather and culture. So our market is the new Modern Contemporary Global Woman of the Metropolitans.

Lovebirds Spring Summer 2018 is an expression of feminine and liberal spirits. Taking inspirations from one of the modern art movements called Suprematism, which looks like an abstract arrangement of elementary geometric forms, such as circles, squares, lines, and rectangles, in a limited range of colours. The suprematist composition focuses exclusively on pure forms and freedom of expression in a total abstraction while exuding lightness.

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Buyer Contact:
Amrita Khanna
M: +91 9810036992

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Gursi Singh
M: +91 8800172335